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USPEaK strives to build democracy foundations through promoting equal rights for all individuals. It is dedicated to supporting women and youth in education, entrepreneurship, livelihood and skills. It strongly believes in the power of dialogue to prevent violent extremism and different forms of conflict.

We campaign for women’s rights, integration between refugees and host community, building peace among individuals from different backgrounds and citizens’ rights.


The best gift you can give is your time! As a non-profit organization we are grateful for the time you give us as skilled professionals or operations enthusiasts. Together we can have an impact for our work! You can volunteer online to train, design, edit or other services. To volunteer please fill the form:


We care about the impact of our programs. Your satisfaction about our services means that our goals are met. Help us improve! If you are not satisfied with our services, let us know what your complaint is and how we can improve our work.



Your donation can help us secure our staff and beneficiaries stay safe or help us in reaching out to the most vulnerable people.

  • $50 – can provide face masks to 10 field workers per month
  • $100 – can feed one family per month
  • $150 – can train 20 people on human rights, conflict resolution and peace building and social activism

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