USPEaK is committed to improve the quality of education to all learners. More than 4000 adult learners were targeted through its programs where they learned English Language, Computer Literacy and other basic skills. 10,000 Middle School students were targeted in the Spelling Bee Program which improved English Language of students in a thematic approach that focused on active citizenship.

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Youth Empowerment

Empowering youth is in our core principles to help them in planning for the future by equipping them with skills and knowledge. Youth empowerment is crucial to avoid extremism and to limit youth immigration from Lebanon. We believe in the importance of youth empowerment to increase employability and to improve national economy. Around 1000 young men and women attended training sessions on human rights, democracy, leadership, campaigning, preventing violent extremism, integration of refugees and host community, conflict management among others. They led campaigns that made changes of policies and created awareness.

Women Empowerment

Women enhance both the quality and quantity of human resources in any nation. We believe in the ability of women to make a change in their community. We support women through education, entrepreneurship projects, equal rights, protection and advocacy campaigns. In teaching Women English Program which is funded by the Public Affairs Office at the American Embassy in Beirut, 2760 women got benefit from over 150 hours of English Language, prepared their CVs and many of them were able to get new jobs. They were also trained on reproductive health, preventing violent extremism, conflict management, leadership, debating, waste management, entrepreneurship and social media use among others.

Our Campaigns Outreach

  • Gender Based Violence

  • Women's Inheritance Right

  • Public Policies and Demands

  • Environment

  • Citizenship

  • Anti-bullying

  • Preventing Violent Extremism

Economic Empowerment

We invest in youth and women economic empowerment as we believe in its impact on human security. In such projects, we pave the way towards gender equality and poverty eradication. More than 400 young males and females took livelihood courses which enabled them to get employed. 1500 women took entrepreneurship courses where many of them started their own businesses. They learned soft skills which enabled them to write their resumes and cover letters and many of them got employed.

Preventing Violent Extremism

Violent extremism is spreading in the Middle East. Countering it is not enough, preventing it is as important. Our approach is to reinforce positive messages about inclusive citizenship. Videos on the positive lens to prevent extremism competed to be launched on our social media platforms.

Beneficiaries changed their behaviors and attitudes. Women raised their children on these concepts. Children led peace initiatives in 30 schools and participated in a peace conference.

Inclusive Citizenship

We believe that citizenship is non-discriminatory. It should include all citizens in the nation. Around 100 young men and women participated in those programs.


Our projects focus on leadership. They helped youth and women in becoming public speakers and debaters. More than 4000 people showed their leadership in leading nationwide campaigns.

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