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USPEaK strives to build democracy foundations through promoting equal rights for all individuals. It is dedicated to supporting women and youth in education, entrepreneurship, livelihood and skills. It strongly believes in the power of dialogue to prevent violent extremism and different forms of conflict.

We campaign for women’s rights, integration between refugees and host community, building peace among individuals from different backgrounds and citizens’ rights.

Our Work

We value the capabilities that are already held by communities. That’s why we work in partnership with them, developing projects that draw people and skills together to establish creative solutions to the unique challenges they face.

Our Story

Poor access to education and awareness of human rights inspired us to start USPEaK Organization in Baalbeck, Lebanon. We raise the level of social engagement and public achievement among youth and women through local initiatives. USPEaK's mission is to serve better education, raise level of awareness, promote citizenship, and build democracy foundations and a peaceful country. We envision a democratic community where citizens engage in public achievement and raise the cultural, economic and social level of the country.

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بعلبك، ١٨ نيسان،٢٠٢٢  _ قامت جمعية USPEAK بحفل تخرّج في فندق قادري في زحلة، من الساعة السادسة والنصف مساءاً الى الساعة الثامنة والنصف مساءاً، لطالباتها في برنامج […]

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الحلقة السادسة من بودكاست رائدات، مع “رائدات بعلبك”. رائدات هو بودكاست يربط “ن” النسوة باللغة الانكليزية ويشجع الفكر الريادي الموجود عند كل امرأة بطبيعتها من خلال تسليط […]

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Happy Easter from USPEaK! #uspeaklebanon #Uspeak #EasterSunday

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