Baalbeck 3 class in the Teaching Women Entrepreneurship Program presented a sample of their work to USPEaK. The box contained jam, handmade tray and mask, organic moisturizer […]

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! You can always make an impact! #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience #uspeaklebanon #USPEaK

سلّم الجنرال ايلي ابي راشد، رئيس مكتب التعاون المدني العسكري، كتاب شكر وتقدير موجه من قائد الجيش اللبناني، العماد جوزاف عون، لرئيسة جمعية USPEaK، روان ياغي، وذلك […]

Inspirational meeting by the Social Entrepreneur, the Founder and President of USPEaK Organization, Rawan Yaghi, in the 4 meetings held with 503 women in the Teaching Women […]

نظمت جمعية يوسبيك “حاجز حلو” في بعلبك من أجل اعطاء أمل وايجابية في هذه الايام الصعبة حيث أُعطى كل من يتبسم/تبتسم محضر ظبط لابقاء ابتسامته/ها طوال اليوم. […]

“Effective communication skills are the key to entrepreneurial success” Shahd AlShalami #uspeaklebanon #Uspeak #entrepreneurship #communicationskills #TWE

1000 women are learning about Women’s Rights, Basic Economics, Preventing Extremism, Civil Rights and Freedom of Expression in the Teaching Women Enhanced English Program that is funded […]

Women of Batroun researched and reported to their class in Teaching Women Enhanced English Program funded by the U.S. Embassy Beirut, the status of violence against women. This […]

Happy International Day of Education USPEaK is proud to serve children, youth and women all over Lebanon in its educational programs. #Uspeak #education #EducationDay

Conflict Resolution workshop is one of the training #workshops for our learners in the Teaching Women Entrepreneurship program which is funded by the U.S. Embassy Beirut. It […]

Our partnership with Save the Children Lebanon in #AlBawsala Program in its first phase included training session about mental health, leadership, empowerment, culture and other topics with […]

Teaching Women Enhanced English Program students visited the Civil Military Corporation (CIMIC) in Beirut base and Rayak base. This project which is funded by U.S. Embassy Beirut […]

Thank you Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon for this partnership in training youth in Ras Baalback area to cascade awareness messages to their peers and advocate […]

91 women entrepreneurs presented their products to 273 women in an online bazaar. The women are a part of the Teaching Women Entrepreneurship Program, which is implemented […]

We are very proud of our teacher Lina Kheir Rahme for her new journey! We believe everyone can make an impact. Lina Khair Rahme #uspeaklebanon #Uspeak #makingimpact […]

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